Customer Service Page

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We will be bringing you all the High Performance Cars, Parts and Accessories. 

We spell "Customer Service" with a capital "C". After all, we want you to have fun with us and our products!



Whether it be a gift for someone else or one for you - we'll help you find the most appropriate Car or Parts from our product range.


Order by Phone or Fax:

If you have an urgent request or need something really special, then simply call us ahead of time and we'll prepare everything for you. We can also place an order for the requested item and have it ready for you within a few business days. 

Delivery Service:

Whether it goes to your home or that of a friend, let us handle the delivery and mailing of your Car or Parts to the address of your choosing.

Gift Certificates:

Trying to find the perfect gift for a friend, but not sure which Car or Parts to buy? Simply give a gift certificate in any amount that fits your budget.